Tuesday, 19 August 2008

7 Dollar Products: An Earning Online Goldmine

If you have just started your online marketing, then you might not know that online there are top internet marketers who are leveraging the power of $7 digital reports and ebooks and either profiting big from it or are building their subscriber lists really fast with this top marketing method.

If you were to create a report and give it away for free then the viral aspect of the report would die out in a short space of time and then become quite useless and just a free report and there would be no further incentive for your visitors, instead you charge a low price and create an affiliate program that includes an instant paypal payment for any affiliate sales the affiliate makes.

You'll know of these types of sites, when you only have to add your paypal email address either within the affilite link or on it's own.

Typically on it's own $7 doesn't sound like much, but the secrets in how you market it to produce lots of $7 sales are important to know as an a affiliate, these all add up.

There are online places, such as the 7 Dollar Mall that has exclusive 7 dollar products and also an affiliate program to earn from, here is an example of an existing $7 Mall.

The main way that these marketers make their money is on affiliate product links contained within the actual $7 report, they create value and credibility through the content, that in turn invites readers to almost feel like they need the further products in their own business start up.

Of course most top marketers say that using $7 products are only good for building their subscriber lists, so that they mould their subscriber lists in to pying prospects, through the trust and great content you give them.

So in closing if you have never ever considered creating a $7 product, then you are missing out, and plus if you feel like you don't want to make one just yet, you can earn from others who have already created many $7 reports and ebooks and with some you can earn 100% commissions, and you'll know that if you get the full price of the report, then they are most certainly building their lists through that report.

Remember the 7 dollar mall affiliate program is one of the top ones for $7 digital products, so If you are already not a member I suggest you take a look for yourself - Get yours free through this link - $7's in my paypal account

Monday, 18 August 2008

Earn From 7 Dollar Products!!

Have you ever wondered the income streams of the internet marketers who are successful?

Well they often include small earners that end up being big earners, let me explain.

They create a digital pdf report of about 30 plus pages and they create an affiliate program for it, then they enable the paypal address to be included from the people who buy the $7 report, this is so they can then promote the report and get paid instantly through paypal, when they make a sale.

One of the best ways of doing this is with the original 7 dollar report, go and take a look! The Secrets Of $7 Reports

There are many other $7 reports and ebooks to make large amounts of affiliate commissions, if you plan ahead and monitor your campaigns and strategies.

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